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E5Z Moderator Application

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New member
Minecraft username ~ E5Z

Previous Minecraft usernames? Check on ~ budden9, azixpvp _turtlepvp_, ItzBuddaplayz

Discord Username ~ ScoGun#7379

Date of the last time you applied for staff? (If not applicable put N/A)~ N/A Never applied for staff on this server before but if i get denied i probably will apply again.

Timezone and Country? ~ I currently live in Sweden which means i am in the timezone CEST

Date of birth, Age? ~ 19/06/2004 Which means i am 15 years old.

Do you have access to Discord, and a working microphone? ~ Yes i do have a working microphone and i have a discord. I am also in the discord server.

Do you have the ability to record? ~ Yes i am able record. I usually use OBS to record but sometimes i use bandicam and fraps to record as well.

Do you have a screenshotting software such as Gyazo or Lightshot? ~ I have Gyazo and know how to use it since i use it at a daily basis.

Why do you want to be helper on Overkill? ~ I want to be a helper/mod on Overkill because i feel like i can help develop the server a lot. And i also want to see it develop and help developing it by building and just overall helping the staff team and players. I love helping small Communitys grow and will always. There is just something special about small servers i love.

What do you believe that you can contribute to the server? ~ I believe i can help the server by moderating chat both ingame and in the discord server. I can also help banning/blacklisting cheaters from the server. I believe i am a good fit for this because i would never unfairly ban anyone. This is because i would either record the incident so i have proof or record me ssing them (screensharing). This would lead to false bans not being a thing as i always have proof.

What helps to keep you most motivated within a staff team? ~ Seeing the server grow is enough. And if the server grows a lot a small pay check would be appreciated. Also just being a part of a servers community is enough for me to keep going. Also if the players/other staff give me compliments or just appreciates me as a staff and tell me that i will be very happy and that will definitely keep me going. Also i hardly get bored of things and I am not a quitter

Why should we choose you over others applicants? ~ Because i am really experienced in minecraft since i have played for about 6 years. And most of that time i have been playing on mostly small server which i have a lot of the time helped and ben a staff on. I have also run a couple of servers myself.

How active can you be on the server? (Estimate Schedule on a Weekly Basis) ~ Probably at least 2 hours a day on monday-thursday. But on friday-saturday i can play a lot more, usually around 6 hours sometimes more sometimes less.

Have you had any previous experience in any type of moderation? If So, Explain. ~ Yes i have, (answered above).

If you were in a situation where you weren't sure what to do, how would you handle it as a helper? ~ I would ask for another helper or higher staff for help.

Minecraft Experience/knowledge? (Years) ~ About 6 years (Answered above).

Do you fully understand the concept to our server? If so, could you be able to provide players with useful information when required?(as well as typical Minecraft knowledge)? ~ I can help playersd with commands and tell them information. I understand factions since that is the main mode in minecraft i play and can therefore tell players what they should do and what should be their next step.

Does this application meet the 800 word minimum requirement? ( ~ Yes it is actually at about 810 words with this.

Anything else you would like us to know. If so, Say it here! ~ I am an overall friendly guy who loves minecraft and especially small friendly factions Communitys. I speak fluent English so understanding players is not a problem for me. I am very experienced in being a staff and playing minecraft. I am very good at catching hackers and banning players/cheaters fairly. I am also a very active player and will be active in the community. And even if i dont get staff i will keep being a part of this growing community as i feel like it is very friendly and fun. I feel like this server is going to succeed since there is so many unique features or at least not very common. I also feel like it is a very good economically balanced server.



Your application is now, UNDER REVIEW.
Do not contact any member of staff to hurry this process as it will lead to your application being denied.
We wish you luck during your application process.​


Unfortunately your application has been DENIED.
You can reapply in a month from today. If you reapply before the date shown, you will automatically be DENIED, and the timer will be reset.
Thank you for applying and we look forward to seeing you on the server!​
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