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    OverkillPvP General Server Rules

    • The use of a hacked client is prohibited and will result in a punishment.
    • Advertising other servers in chat is prohibited.
    • The use of cobble monsters is prohibited and will result in a punishment.
    • Abusing glitches will lead to a punishment.
    • Any additional chunks beside your base must be 10 chunks apart.
    • Respect every member on the staff team. If you have a problem with a particular staff member, report it to the manager.
    • Blocking spawners is forbidden and will result in a punishment.Watering is not allowed nor is putting lava on them.
    • Doxxing, Ddosing, and threatening players will result in a ban from the network.
    • If you suspect a player of cheating, record and upload the video to the forums, hackusating is allowed.
    • You can only left / right shoot if you’ve already breached into a base.
    • Impersonating a staff member is not allowed and will result in a punishment.
    • Auto cannons are allowed under Y: 50. If you suspect a player of breaking this rule record and report them to a staff member.
    • Spamming /f commands will result in a punishment
    • Insiding is punishable. (3 day ban)
    • TP killing is allowed.
    • Do not impersonate other players, this will be considered as insiding.
    • Factions are allowed a maximum of a 30 chunk buffer. If a faction has more than this, please contact an Admin to ask the faction to unclaim the excessive land.
    • Factions are not allowed to create/utilize cobweb defenses, regen walls, auto sand comps, or tnt detectors.
    • “Bitch Claiming” is not allowed and the land that was claimed by another faction will be unclaimed. This rule only applies during grace period.
    Forums Rules:
    • Be respectful to other members.
    • Be appropriate.
    • Members should not be commenting on posts that do not add content to the thread or conversation.
    • No advertising.
    • No necroposting (unless you are adding new information).
    • Use Common Sense
    Discord Rules:
    • Do not post links that are not server related or that have not been approved by a staff member.
    • Do not create spam in any of the discord text channels.
    • Do not constantly tag staff members.
    • Use each channel for its intended use.
    • Please provide enough information to a staff member so they can help you effectively.
    • Make sure your profile picture is appropriate
    • Do not disrespect players or staff.
    • Make sure your IGN is appropriate.
    • Refrain from racial or sexual slander or posting sexual content.
    • Please make sure your discord name is related to you IGN.
    • Do not abuse the bots.
    Screensharing Rules:
    • Players are not allowed to record screenshares. If the player continues to record after told to close the program, they will be punished. The staff member screensharing will record the entire process for proof if anything breaking the rules if found. Please note that staff members will only look for things related to Minecraft, going through someone's email or personal info is prohibited.
    • Once you are frozen you have 5 minutes to join discord. If you take longer than the given time, a staff member may give you extra time, but not everyone will do so. Once you are in discord, join a lounge and wait to be moved. Refusing to screenshare will result in a permanent ban.
    • Players are not allowed to clear their recycling bin before a screenshare. Doing so will result in a permanent ban as the player has deleted files before a screenshare.
    • Any booters / IP Stressers found in a screenshare will instantly result in a Blacklist
    • Any Doxs and/or IPs related to Decimate and it’s players will result in a Blacklist
    • The use of autoclickers is extremely prohibited. Any member found of having a autoclicker / macro / on their computer will be permanently banned.
    • You will only be banned for having a Hacked Client if the client is loaded. For example, if you have Huzuni but it isn’t launched, you will not be banned.
    • The use of any illegal mods will result in a Perm ban (besides xray which is a 14 day if the player admits, 30 day otherwise). You can check the list of allowed mods above and If you have any suggestions on additional mods, please contact a admin.
    • Any form of tnt detectors or raid alerts found in a screenshare will result in a ban (Note: players are allowed to use a factions wall checker bot in their discord server).
    Allowed Modifications:
    • Optifine
    • Damage Indicators
    • ArmorStatusHUD
    • Health Indicators
    • DirectionHUD
    • Status Effects
    • Minimap Mods (No Radar)
    • Toggle Sneak/Better Sprinting
    • Schematica/LunatriusCore
    • 5zig
    • Orange Simple Mods
    • Orange 1.7 Animations
    • NoFov
    • TCPNoDelay
    • LabyMod
    • CPS
    • TabbyChat
    • Bspkrscore
    • Batty's Coordinates
    • Crosshair
    • In-Game Account Switcher
    • Keystrokes
    • Resource Pack Organizer
    • Perspective
    • Sidebar
    • Saturation Display
    • Shiny Pots
    • TimeChanger
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