NEW Overkill Factions Season #4

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    NEW Overkill Factions Season #4


    Hey everyone,

    Thursday, January 31st at 5PM CST we will be releasing our brand new factions map! If you have not please join our discord to get live updates and be notified when we do giveaways!
    Join our discord at

    What's new with the map release?
    Monthly F Top Payouts

    1st place: $175 Buycraft
    2nd place: $150 Buycraft
    3rd place: $125 Buycraft

    Revamped Crates
    All crates have been designed from the ground up offering a better chance to gain high-value rewards!


    15 Man Factions & 2.0 Power On Death
    We have decreased the faction member limit to 15 and you now lose 2.0 power on death!

    Outpost is a new 24/7 event that we have on the server. While capturing the outpost you will receive 2.0x XP Booster, 2.0 mcMMO Booster and $10,000 (every 10 minutes) You must cap this outpost to 100% to receive the boosts, it stays with your faction until another faction contests the outpost.


    Missions were made to help out starter players on the server, once you complete the missions some are not able to be done again!


    Conquest Chest
    Similar to our Carepackages feature on the server, we now have something brand new. Every (3 hours) a conquest chest will spawn in the world. You have to find it and destroy it, upon destroying OP loot will spill out of the chest! The chest has 1000/1000 health.


    Global Boosters
    We have removed the XP Booster feature on the server and replaced it with this feature. The current boosters we have on the server available for purchase at are Mob Coins, Money and Experience boosters. These all last (60 Minutes) each!

    Sell Wands
    We have revamped sell wands completely, they now sell all items in the shop even with a 2x multiplier. The sell wands now contain usage amounts, meaning the more you use it, it will break!


    New Nether & End Spawn
    A brand new spawn for nether and end has been built!



    Overkill Boss
    We are currently revamping rewards for the bosses so please stay patient with us! Currently if you are rated #1 on the top damage list, you will receive a limited edition loot box from the boss!


    Enjoy the new server, everyone!

    We also have an 75% OFF sale going on reset day!
    Check out our donation store for more information!
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